What is the role of leadership in agile transformation?

Leadership plays a critical role in driving agile transformation in an organization. Leaders need to understand and embrace the agile mindset to lead their teams effectively. They need to provide a clear vision, support, and resources for the agile transformation to be successful ³. Some of the key roles of leadership in agile transformation include: […]

What are the benefits of agile transformation?

Agile transformation is the process of shifting an organization to agile ways of working. This means applying the philosophy behind agile software development to teamwork, collaboration, processes, and measurement. Broadly speaking, agile companies strive to be streamlined and efficient. They avoid rigid processes and minimize bureaucracy, silos, and delays. Cross-functional teams work incrementally and pivot […]

How does agile transformation help with innovation?

Agile transformation can help with innovation by enabling organizations to be more responsive to customer needs and identifying opportunities to increase speed without sacrificing quality. Agile digital transformation is based on proof that successful digital transformation occurs through continuous innovation and the capability to measure steps. Business transformation empowers the organization to launch and learn […]