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“While Didier certainly knows the Agile framework well, he also understands that preaching it isn't always the best way to advance teams. He joined an area where four squads were already practicing some form of Agile, but lacked some process and coordination. The smooth integration of some extra structure & process, without major conflicts or issues, is testament to Didier's ability to listen and implement change effectively. He accomplished this by blending high energy and a drive for change with a level of calmness that is rare to see. Last but certainly not least, Didier is a pleasant and capable person, both in and out of the office."

Maarten Devillé

Head of Recommendation & Search

at DPG Media

“During our collaboration, I discovered the extreme level of experience and professionality that Didier has developed over the years. But, what I appreciate most in Didier is the way he combines this knowledge with a certain dosage of humility and self-reflection, resulting in a colleague that keeps pushing himself (and others) out of his mental comfort zone.As an Agile 'practionar' (instead of 'preacher'), Didier knows how to navigate organisational complexity, both in a coaching or operational stance. He thus masters the skill to fluently switch between those stances without undermining either of them (In my experience a skill commonly lacking in the agile population)."

Bruno Dauwe 

Business Unit Manager at Cegeka

“Didier brings order in the chaos that is often associated with software development. His knowledge of (amongst others) agile development and all the tools available not only enables us as developers to focus on the job, but also gives our customer the much needed insight and guidance in the whole analysis-development-rollout workflow. A joy to work with!"

Stefan Bracke

Partner in Rollo

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"I am passionate about motivating and inspiring People, Teams and Organisations, helping them to reach their goals and objectives. It's not about "becoming an agile organisation" but about believing in its principles and acting by it."

Didier Vandenhoudt

Founder | Nomad Consulting