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We have been advising and coaching companies and organisations on Agile since 2007.​

Our customers are a rich variety of small, middle and large companies, as well as not for profit and government organisations.

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"During our collaboration, I discovered the extreme level of experience and professionally that Didier Vandenhoudt has developed over the years.

But, what I appreciate most in Didier is the way he combines this knowledge with a certain dosage of humility and self-reflection, resulting in a colleague that keeps pushing himself (and others) out of his mental comfort zone."

Didier brings order in the chaos that is often associated with software development. His knowledge of (amongst others) agile development and all the tools available not only enables us as developers to focus on the job, but also gives our customer the much needed insight and guidance in the whole analysis-development-rollout workflow. A joy to work with!

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with a professional like you, and I have learned tremendously during the time you guided us.

“Thank you for all the support! The end result would never have been possible without the essential foundations you provided us with.

I look forward to crossing paths again. You made me think and try out new things.

Wishing you much success! I found it very pleasant and educational to work with you.