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Area Coach - DPG media

DPG Media NV operates as a media company. The Company provides wide range of news such as entertainment, sports, politics, market, and other related stories, as well as offers advertising services.


Adopted Agile frameworks like Scrum and Kanban for improved project management and collaboration.

Implemented Road Maps and Release Plans in Jira/Confluence for clear project planning and prioritization.

Conducted workshops (Lean Coffee, World Cafe) to stimulate creativity and identify improvement opportunities.

Utilised 360 feedback techniques to motivate teams and foster continuous improvement.

Coached teams in Objective and Key Results (OKRs) for aligning goals with organizational objectives.


Enhanced collaboration and communication.

Improved project planning and on-time delivery.

Increased creativity and innovation.

Boosted team motivation and engagement.

Aligned individual and team objectives with organizational goals.

This Agile transformation resulted in streamlined delivery processes and sustained growth for the client.

Agile Coach at RGF staffing

RGF Staffing Belgium, part of RGF Staffing, a global HR services provider, sought to streamline operations and foster collaboration.


Led Agile implementation (Scrum, Kanban, LeSS) across brands.

Collaborated with management to secure buy-in.

Trained and coached Scrum Masters for effective leadership.

Implemented tools for enhanced team collaboration.


Improved operational efficiency and productivity.

Streamlined operations and project delivery.

Enhanced collaboration and communication between teams.

Cultivated an agile culture driving continuous improvement.

Agile Coach at EuroControl

EuroControl, a multinational organization of substantial scale, manages air traffic control software in a complex environment. With numerous departments and programs, EuroControl faces challenges such as a high number of bugs, limited deliveries and the implementation of the SAFe framework .


Consolidated User Stories and Epics into a single backlog for clear prioritization based on business priorities.

Adjusted task prioritization to align with overarching business priorities, including breaking down Epics into Features and identifying Enablers.

Calculated team capacity and established Velocity to set realistic goals and contribute to achieving program objectives.

Created a Release Map with Final Estimations to define Features per Program Increment (PI) and Release, enabling systematic progress towards short and long-term goals.

Assigned specific responsibilities to each team for Features within the program to establish clear structures and equitable task distribution.


By implementing these solutions, my aim is to enhance efficiency, improve software quality, and strengthen collaboration among teams, ultimately optimizing development processes within the program.

Agile Coach for Deloitte Belgium

Deloitte, a leading consultancy firm in Belgium, faces challenges with its Sharepoint team and the E-Dreams "Vnext" project. Despite a large team of 15 members, half of whom are located in India, and the implementation of Scrum two years ago, the project remains in a critical phase with no code written yet.


Prioritize specific features of the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to prevent simultaneous development of all functions.

Start Data Migration early by developing a Proof of Concept based on data requirements, initiating migration after version 1.0.

Increase Business Involvement by showcasing features and engaging stakeholders actively in the process.

Fully Implement Scrum with a unified backlog containing Epics, Features, and User Stories for streamlined task management.

Conduct the first public Sprint Review to manage expectations and communicate progress effectively.

Establish subteams for collaboration on a shared plan to enhance efficiency and communication.


By implementing these solutions, they have streamlined the development process, improved communication with the business, and achieved rapid delivery of the Minimal Viable Product.

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